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Born 1983 Minneapolis, Minnesota. BA in English and a BMus in Composition, University of Iowa, May 2005. Studied French horn with Jeffrey Agrell, and Composition with Amelia Kaplan, David Gompper, and Lawrence Fritts. Studied composition with Michael Young at Goldsmith's college in London, Fall 2003. Currently, Anne is the Managing Director of the S.E.M. Ensemble in Brooklyn.

Anne's sound installations have been exhibited at the International Center in Iowa City. Her acoustic compositions have been performed by the University of Iowa Chamber Orchestra and by the S.E.M. Ensemble. Her poetry has been published in 1913: A Journal of Forms, and by Strange Tractor Publications, a free press she co-founded in 2004. As a French horn improviser, she has performed with Edwin Prevost and Mattin of Sakada in Hackney, London, and with the New York Sound Painting Orchestra led by Walter Thompson at several venues in New York City.

Anne's electronic works focus on field recordings that exploit the natural resonance of unique architectural spaces. These recordings are subject to light filtering processes to further emphasize the resonant frequencies of the space. To see more audio and video works, go to

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Gamut Soundpainting Ensemble, "Countermeasures"
Edition of 100, Blue Ninja Records

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