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j.frede is an experimental music composer who works with sound ranging from field recordings to electro-acoustic atmospheres, microsound subtleties to ambient soundscapes, live performances to audio installations. Currently Frede is working with field recordings of both natural and urban environments and digital compositions built using acoustic sounds.

When performing live j.frede utilizes a variety of PC based software to write compositions in real time using found sounds and digital manipulations. His installation work is designed to create subtle listening environments in galleries and performance spaces. Each installation follows a conceptual basis and is achieved using multiple cd players, 1" speakers, and compositions specific to the installation.

Originating from New Mexico (usa), j.frede has been working in the field of experimental audio and sound design for over seven years. Frede has been working for the last four years in Denver, CO and is now living in Los Angeles. j.frede is currently working with field recordings of both natural and urban environments, sine wave frequencies, and digital compositions built using acoustic sounds. Frede's live performance can vary depending on each event and the acoustic space it is presented in.

Aside from his work in audio, j.frede has also been the curator for a large number of events, featuring artists from the United States and abroad. Some of the larger events include the Denver Atonal Festival, which ran for a total of five years, the audio portion of the Telluride International Experimental Cinema Exposition, several audio exhibitions for the Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. j.frede also founded the Ritual Document Release label, and is presently running the current recordings label.

selected releases

on Stasisfield:
Live in Finland > 26.09.98

other releases

on Ritual Document :

solo works :

• Isolate ep - 2000

• Eremiophobia -
2000 CD

• Arctic Movments -
2000 12"/LP

• Live Documents -
2000 MD

• Harmonium works -
2001 CDR

• Salt - 2001 MP3




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