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Peter Koniuto is a creative recordist, composer, and the founder of the Red Sun Soundroom, a project studio in upstate New York.

He enjoys helping others bring their music to life in the Soundroom and is currently involved in several musical collaborations.

As a solo composer, Koniuto focuses mostly on electroacoustic music and has a special interest in octophonic (8-channel) installations as well as cinematic scoring.

Noted compositions include Fata Morgana, which was composed for the RainWave Project and had its concert world premiere at the Film Theatre Orion in Helsinki; Past Andromeda, an installation inspired by a Vermont planetarium and premiered at the Annual Music Beyond Performance Concert at the University of the Pacific's Conservatory of Music; and Soluna, which was written for the Illuminations Festival at City Hall in Somerville, Massachusetts.

"The composer guides us in our perception of sound and how we let it into our lives," he says. "Music presents a multitude of angles from which to hear sound, giving us new ways to listen. My method of composing involves taking groups of sounds – some long-known and familiar, others newly discovered – and presenting them in a way that allows the listener to participate, to play an integral role in the imagining."

Peter Koniuto remains an avid percussionist and is the creator and host of regular Listening Salons. He is a member of the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology.

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