piece name Clock'd
piece media Digital Video
country Australia
contact hybridarts2000@yahoo.com.au

I was born some 25 years ago, in Australia and studied Music at University. Gaining an Honours Degree in Music Technology and Digital Imaging at the University of Western Sydney, Australia I went on to work as a video editor, DVD designer, camera operator and live sound engineer, eventually starting my own multi media business in 2000 which feeds my arts practice.

As an artist I work with sound and video installations and performances and have presented various combinations of these within Australia and overseas.

My most recent works have explored time (both real and re-ordered), human movement through spaces and the subsequent reaction of injections of thought, imagination and fantasy upon concrete realities and urban environments. I am interested in how thought, time and residual memories affect a persons perception of an immediate space whilst they are in transit.

Previous works such as "Fragile Bodies", "Intrusions of Thought on Space" and "Re-Ordered Time" investigated the disruption of common environments, how they were perceived and ultimately transformed by the mind whilst in psychological transit.