piece name Otefuri
piece media Shockwave
country US



JUDSON (WRIGHT) Is the sort of fellow who would bake a cake just to throw it in a fish tank.

Or have Crash (the Stupidest Cat in the World) run headlong into a cement wall a dozen or so times an evening. Or write a symphony for 12 Jackhammers. You know the type. A choreographer of computer animation. Composer of dancers. Programmer of animation. It may sound nutty, but is all actually true. His toy chest is stuffed with such elements as dancing, drawing, music, ... incorporating them into multisensory extravaganzas as needed.

His work appears on the net (at the Museum of Modern Art in NY), theaters (under a real circus tent in the Czech Republic with Mabou Mines) and galleries (from Sao Paolo, Brazil to Mildura, Australia), published in books (US, Europe) and on CD-Roms, with artist residencies at the MacDowell Foundation, Mabou Mines/Suite and the Atlantic Center for the Arts.