piece name Field Recordings
piece media MP3
country Japan



Currently located in Gifu, Japan, Brian Labycz [koura] has been working within experimental and computer based audio work for the past several years. With a strong background in Western and Japanese classical performance, his focus is on improvisation and live performance as well as composition. Under the moniker koura he is most focused on using field recordings as the main source for works. The goal is to remove sounds we encounter on a daily basis from their normally percieved context in order for them to exist without cognitive pre-dispositions. The recordings are processed to an extant but their organic tangible qualities still remain. By simply offsetting our normal perception of our surrounding sonic environment we can appreciate these sounds for themselves as opposed to some soundtrack to life.

Koura's contribution to the palimpsest project is a series of short field recordings from within Japan. The definition of 'palimpsest' setforth by Stasisfield used the idea of paper or manuscript that was re-used many times. These recordings can be seen, due to their short duration, as postcards that will be passed on from one visitor to another as the journey of the palimpsest project evolves.