An ongoing exhibition offered by the Stasis_Space gallery, the palimpsest project exists as a storehouse of digital art history, using the concept of the palimpsest as a guide. The pieces included in version 1.0 of this exhibition act as surfaces upon which other artists create new and different artworks in later versions of the exhibition, partially "erasing" the original piece yet leaving some traces of it which show through the layers of subsequent additions. version 2.0 of the exhibition presents the first group of re-used artworks.

While the initial call for entries for this exhibition gave little guidance for topics or content, several common themes emerged in the final works: a respect for history, the acquisition and storage of knowledge, entropy and the passage of time all found places within several of the works currently on view.

These themes have only become more predominant in the later versions of the pieces, as the artists who have chosen to recycle the initial pieces have added their own take on the palimpsest concept.

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