piece name shRunkwRapped
piece media Digital Audio
country US
contact devico68@devico.us

DeVico was born in 1968, the son of a military father and artist mother, later to become soley raised by his mother. His works reflect an undertone that is strongly influenced by the "horror" culture that his mother wrote and illustrated for. He later became absorbed by the early 20th century movements of DaDaism and Futurism in the late 80's. DeVico's works are an ongoing process, pulling in an incestuous amount of data, mix-matching and a spewing forth with either a precision architect or an automated response from his surroundings. He has created with audio on and off over the last 13 years, using borrowed equipment, magnets, cassette players, and found objects in the early 90's to field recordings and software as of the last 2 years. He is also a member of the musician collective known as Tapegerm. Presently he is looking into utilizing web media software to create random generated audio sculptures while producing his own digital visual works. He is a resident of Chapel Hill, North Carolina and is looking for work. More of his audio works as well as his visual art may be viewed at http://devico.us.